Baby, it’s cold outside!

These two were so cute (and cold)!! Or should I say three?! I’ve know R and D for just a short time but I couldn’t be more excited for them if we were friends from way back! These two are going to make such great parents! I can’t wait to meet their little man!

Country love

Hunter and Kylie were meant to be. There is no doubt in my mind! They were so fun to capture. I can see the love they have for each other. I had the absolute best time with this beautiful couple. I enjoyed being chauffeured about by Hunter and Kylie on her parent’s beautiful land. It made me miss the country. It was one of my favorite shoots to date.

I have always thought it is so important to have someone in your life who makes you smile. To marry the one person who can always make you laugh is even better. May their smiles be contagious.

It is my great honor to introduce the future Mr. &  Mrs. G.



A&B Wedding

When Ashley and Brian asked me to photograph their wedding, I was so honored. They are such a sweet couple who are passionate about family, friends, and their sports! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful event.

Ladies and gentlemen. I am proud to present to you, Mr. & Mrs. W.